Our Mission

AquaHarmonics is dedicated to making wave energy main stream. We are on the leading edge of the blue economy with our Wave Energy Collector (WEC).

In 2016 we won the $1.5M Wave Energy Prize in competition against 92 other contestants. This was followed by a grant of $4.45M as part of the DOE’s FOA 1663 for the purpose of constructing a 1:7th scale device for deployment and connection to the grid at the Navy’s 30m Wave Energy Test Site (WETS).

We have been developing, refining, and validating our numerical models and control schemes for the performance of the scaled device in a wave tank in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and Oregon State University (OSU) as well as performing the necessary design work and forming the required industry partnerships to manufacture a sea going device.

Our full scale Power Take Off (PTO) has undergone Phase 1 testing at the Sandia Wave Energy Power Take-off (SWEPT) facility at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This initial phase of testing has shown promising results, and confirmation that the scaled tank data, numerical modelling, load and load case development, structural, mechanical, electrical, and software design of the PTO is in line with expected values.

We are excited to continue our development and invite you to watch this space for further details!

AquaHarmonics WEC Visualizer

Explore our WEC using the WEC Visualizer and see its behavior in a variety of sea states, and how the internal components interact to collect energy from ocean waves.

Hinsdale Testing

We have learned a lot through subscale testing. Check out some waves at the Oregon State University O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory.